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Megan Ball

Megan is a Wellington Barrister who specialises in providing legal and policy advice and has a background in Criminal Law and litigation.

Megan has worked in the public sector for more than 20 years, previously as counsel for the Crown and currently as a law reform specialist. Her experience working with a range of statutory and regulatory frameworks enables her to provide pragmatic and practical advice on how to implement policy objectives into good law.

A feature of her work with government agencies has been the efficient delivery of advice within work programme timeframes.

Megan is available to receive instructions on a wide range of legal and policy matters, including as a consultant or specialist advisor. She can also provide legal opinions.


Following her admission to the bar in 1995, Megan worked as a Crown Prosecutor at the Palmerston North and Wellington Crown Solicitor's offices. She also gained considerable appellate and policy experience in her role as Crown Counsel at the Crown Law Office, where she worked from 2007 to 2014. In her capacity as Crown Counsel in the Criminal Law team, Megan was involved with key reforms to the Crimes Act 1961 and to the Victim's Rights Act 2002. She also provided legal opinions on a regular basis, including as to the consequences of legislative amendments.

Megan has been involved with other significant areas of law reform on a regular basis since 2014. These have included proposals to amend the Evidence Regulations 2007, the Medicines Act 1981, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act 2000 and the Evidence Act 2006. Her work has ranged from analysis of Law Commission reports and risk and liability in the construction sector, through to assessing enforcement options, and preparing detailed drafting instructions.

Megan has been a Barrister Sole since 2018. She is an instructor for the College of Law, teaching the Criminal Law Elective component of the Legal Professional Studies Course.

Megan Ball - Barrister Wellington